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on the floor. for decades, u.s. courts have allowed law enforcement to conduct aerial surveillance without a warrant. this is that sort of open spaces doctrine. i'm not saying it makes it right but the government has been doing it for decades. some of the courts have apparently ruled that what a person does in the open, even behind a back yard fence, can be seen from a passing airplane and is not protected by privacy laws. you know, i don't think i agree with that. if you're swimming in your pool in your back yard, if you're in your hot tub in your back yard, just because we have the technology to be able to see you in your hot tub, does that really mean they have a right to look at what you are doing in your back yard, so i don't really accept that. i think it has been abused and something that really we should be fighting against the surveillance state. advocates say predators are simply more effective than other planes. flying out of earshot and out of sight, a predator bee can watch a target for 20 hours nonstop, far longer than any police helicopter or manned aircraft. i would say the
at the end of the last congress. how to make a law. just read the look. and i recognize that you would hardly recognize that civics lesson if you see what's happening on the floor here today and over the last period of time. but i have enormous, enormous respect for the chairman of the appropriations committee. we sat on that committee together for a number of years. i appreciate that he wanted to bring a bill to the floor that honors the budget control act. i disagree with the tactic of putting a reinforcement of the sequester into the law. it exists. we have to do the sequester unless we can head it off. unless the safety of our troops and their training, our national security, the education of our children, the safety of our neighbors, unless that takes precedence over protecting tax breaks for corporate jets, businesses that send jobs overseas, the list goes on and i mentioned it now more than one time. so i urge my colleagues to think carefully about this vote. this isn't a vote to shut down government or not. that vote will come another time. the senate isn't going to accept this bill.
of lawfulness of the illegal operation directed against a u.s. citizen, a senior operational leader of al qaeda. or an associated force. this is committee confidential but it is not classified. the fact of the matter is it is a 16 page, very hostile and -- very thoughtful and very impressive opinion, and yet, it cannot go into the public domain. i cannot ask you about some of the factors of this opinion even here and i think that's a mistake. i think the world we are now living in is so different and precise that the legal underpinnings for action really are important. secondly, it is one thing for a president to ask for a legal opinion prior to something that is ongoing. maybe even on going. it seems to me that after words, -- after words, -- afterwards, we should have the opportunity to assess the legality of that and if necessary, be able to clarify law, change a law, do whatever a constitutional legislative body does. i would just ask you to take a look at this. we have now -- i just got a note. it has been release now because it was leaked first. so -- [chuckles] >> that is one way of get
or be in a position to consider this comprehensive response to our law enforcement that has already told us what they need. law enforcement does not take a partisan view in this. they just take a view what's going to help law enforcement, what's going to help us be safer. i think the senator and i came in from that position. thursday, the senate judiciary committee will continue our consideration of four measures to reduce gun violence. this issue, gun trafficking, straw purchases, was before the committee. what i am going to do is take my original trafficking bill, and i would tell the senators who are cosponsors and amend it with a text of the bipartisan compromise. i believe it approved the language already pending before the committee, provisions laid out in legislation are focused, they are commonsense remedies, and our bill does not affect lawful purchases from federal firearms licenseees, does not alter their rights and responsibilities, but our bill was drafted to request law enforcement to give needed tools to fight against the drug cartels, other criminals who threaten our communities.
that through. the president a year ago lined up -- signed a law that says that you can be detained indefinitely, that you can be sent from america to guantanamo bay without a trial, and he wants us to be comforted, he wants us to remember and think good of him because he says i don't intend to do so. it's not enough. i mean, would you tolerate a republican who stood up and said well, i like the first amendment, i'm quite fond of the first amendment, and i don't intend to break the first amendment but i might. would conservatives tolerate someone who said i like the second amendment? i think it's important and i am for gun ownership and i don't intend to violate the second amendment, but i might. would we tolerate that he doesn't intend to do so as a standard? we have to think about the standards being used overseas. the president finally admitted they interviewed him at google not too long ago, they interviewed him and asked him can you kill americans at home and he was evasive and he said but if there are rules, he said the rules would be different outside than inside. well, i certainly hope s
. the rule of law, in other word,ct must operate in order to god protect the god-given interest to make sure they are not arbitrary deprived of any citizen.ere a we with talking wheel the sanctity of human life. whe when the interest at stake is not just liberty or property but life itself, we have to protect it. we have to take steps to protect that. and so i think it is important that we carefully scrutinize and evaluate any government program that has the potential to deprive any american citizen of his or her life without due process of law. so i was concerned, as were you, senator paul, recently when the obama administrationas leaked what was characterized as a department of justice white paper. outlining the circumstances outlining the legal criteria that this administration wouldn use in deciding when and whether and under what circumstances to snuff out human life. the the human life of an american citizen, no less, using a drone. m now the memorandum started out with certain somewhat predictable or familiarepts concepts.rted the memorandum started out byning explaining an imminent s
of the children and education. we've made sure that our law enforcement is taken care of, but we've also made those difficult choices early on that washington could really learn from in budgeting. i congratulate congressman messer for bringing this particular bill. it's a good government bill. i know the other side of the aisle is talking about the sequester, and i find it ironic that "the washington times" today has a headline that says, 400 more jobs were created in spite of the sequester. so i don't believe that the sky is falling here. this legislation requires the president to do some simple math and include with his budget, should he choose to submit one, an estimate of the cost of the deficit per taxpayer. taxpayers just simply deserve to know how much they owe for washington's out-of-control spending. after all, every dime that the federal government borrows is saddled on this generation and the next generation and generations to follow. right now the cost of washington's $16 trillion of national debt totals more than $147,000 per taxpayer. in fact, approximately every minute, mr. spe
was involved in that? do you not get a chance to explain yourself in a court of law before you get a hellfire missile dropped on your head? so it just amazes me that people are so willing and eager to throw out the bill of rights and just say, oh, that's fine. you know, terrorists are a big threat to us. and, you know, i am a so fearful that they will attack me that i'm willing to give up my rights, i'm willing to give up on the bill of rights? i think we give up too easily. now, the president has responded and he said he hasn't killed anybody yet in america. and he says he doesn't intend to kill anyone in america, but he might. i frankly just don't think that's good enough. the president's oath of office says that i will -- not that "i might" or not that "i intend to" -- the president says "i will" protect, preserve, and defend the constitution. he doesn't say, i'll do it when it's practical or i'll do it unless it's unfeasible, unless it's unpleasant and people argue with me and i have to go through congress and i can't get anything done, then i will obey the constitution. it's a out there.
nobody bought it or sold it. it is homemade, how is law enforcement in this country going to grapple with homemade high-powered weapons. what will they do when they print the 3-d fully automatic machine gun? the government agency that will have to deal with the challenges of this new technology when it happens is the atf. last month when president obama unveiled his proposed gun reforms at the white house, one thing he asked congress to do was confirm the nominee to run atf, a man named todd jones who has been acting as deputy director of the atf for five years. president obama asked congress to stop hindering law enforcement, and he called congress out for allowing anybody to be confirmed as director of the atf for six years now. this week we got news that even that part of what president obama confirmed on guns, even just asking the director of the law enforcement agency that is concerned with federal gun laws, yeah, republicans in congress may just oppose that too. they don't want anybody running that after six years. republicans increasingly make the case that we shoul
or down. up, man's old age dream, the ultimate and individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of owe toa tal tehranism totalitarianism. those who would trade freedom for security have embarked on this downward course. given the top of this discussion, the asserted power of the president to take the life of a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil without due process of law, that last portion bears reading again. those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course to the ant heap of totalitarianism. in this vote harvesting time, they use terms like the great society, or as we were told a few days ago by the president, we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people. but they've been a little more ex applies it in the past and among themselves. and of all of the things i now will quote have appeared in print. these are not republican accusations. for example, they have voices that say -- quote -- "the cold war will end through our acceptance of a not undemocratic socialism." another voice says "the profit mot
law professor and government contracts law expert who was on the wartime contract commission on iraq and afghanistan wrote a memo describing all the ways in which the federal government can legally cut spending. and service contracts. it's very important especially in the context of the department of defense. in the last 10 years, spending on service contracts in the department of defense have more than doubled. from 72 billion per year to over to a hundred billion per year, just in the last 10 years. during that same time, in-house personnel costs have been effectively flat. he estimates that government- wide, 70%, to 90% of all sequestration spending cuts could easily come from service contracts. not exercising options, terminating for convenience, negotiating with the contractors not to continue with every option in their contracts. so it's not true that once a contract -- once money has been obligated to a contract that it is required to be spent. it's only when the work has already been done. host: i assume that the argument you are making to the administration. he would like to
to residency. for him, jeb bush argues this isn't about the particular but to get it signed into law. >> so do you think there's a significant difference between marco rubio who clearly is on board for a path way to citizenship? >> there is a difference in terms of the proposal that jeb bush makes but i think ultimately if jeb bush were in the senate or were the president, i don't think it would matter. i think he's showing that he's flexible. some might call it a flip-flop and as far as jeb bush is concerned, we need to do something, something needs to be accomplished. he doesn't seem to be bothered by the criticism. his position is, look, the system we have right now does not work. whatever we come forward and propose as a solution is better than the unworkable reality of today. >> we'll have more during the 6:00 p.m. hour including the possibility, he's leaving it open, that he may run for presidency in 2016. is there a third bush potentially in the run for president? we'll talk about that. thank you, jake. >> thank you, wolf. >>> two states have legalized drug use. washington needs to crac
will be supportive. it is the deal that i made. our additional cut on top of that, by law, until congress takes the sequester a way, we would have to abide by those additional cuts. there is no reason why we should nhave another crisis like shutting the government down. >> even at the lower levels, even if you -- >> i never want to make myself 100% clear with you guys, but i think it is fair to say that i made the deals for a certain budget, there is no reason why that deal needs to be reopened. it is a deal that the speaker made as well and all of the leadership may. a bill that arrives on my desk reflects that commitment that we previously made. i will sign it because i need to make sure that we keep doing what we need to for the american people. >> can you have them down here and refused to let them leave the room? [laughter] >> jessica, i am not a dictator. i am the president. ultimately, if mitch mcconnell or john boehner say they're going to go, i can't have secret service block the doorway. i understand. i know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that has been floating aro
will be housed in the pentagon and, thus, providing the ability under law to be more transparent. >> go ahead, michael. >> that still doesn't answer the underlying question. that's all nice bureaucratic organization of the charts, but it still doesn't answer the underlying -- >> i call it the u.s. law. >> that too, but you're not a lawyer. again, the point is how does the government respond to the question of killing united states cities abroad through drones, how does the drone program in its implementation more broadly speaking apply to u.s. citizens, which as you've pointed out, alex, the question answered was a little bit nebulous. that's the legitimate point we need to get to. i get what you're saying about how the cia should handle this and the defense department handle that, but the role of the u.s. government in sponsoring a program in which the lives of a u.s. citizen is a question mark in its engagement of foreign policy or national security is a legitimate question. >> just one thing to be clear, this was not a policy that started in january of 2009, right? i know you know that. >>
developing coast to coast, out west, colorado lawmakers are considering a major overhaul to existing gun laws. in the northeast, a late season storm is bringing two feet of snow and massive flooding to areas already hit hard this year. and overseas, world's 1.2 billion catholics begin the formal process of elect ago new leader. we're live in rome on the latest with the election of a new pope. >> hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in washington. well, with the country locked in a debate over gun control, the spotlight is on colorado this afternoon after intense lobbying in a marathon session a sweeping gun control package has advanced in that state's legislature that. has some wondering, what ever the outcome in colorado, will other states follow suit? dominic is following the story out west. dominic? >> hey there. it took 12 whole hours in this debate that went late into the night to send sweeping legislation through colorado's democrat-led senate. not every proposal got through. shear what did. first of all, universal background checks to include gun purchases between private parties a
the court's decision on marriage? a constitutional law expert at nyu. he's here with me this afternoon. good to see you, professor. >> good to see you, craig. >> proposition 8 has been battered around in california courts. what's behind the timing of the supreme court being asked to hear this case now? >> well, it's just gone up the system in the regular stately way that these cases go so that the trial in this case is actual held in early 2010. there was a 9th circuit opinion and now there's an appeal to the supreme court and so we'll hear the the ultimate decision and oral arguments will be heard in the 26th and we'll hear the ultimate decision in the court in june. how unusual is it for an administration to be involved in a supreme court case like this? >> not that unusual. the brief itself talks about prior cases in which it's gotten involved in precisely this way. >> when that happens, does it lend any more credence to the argument? >> i think it definitely does. i think the government will now be allowed oral argument time in the court so we'll be able to address the justices about whe
on that tomorrow. more than 200 law enforcement vehicles will join that motorcade for the 33-mile journey to honor those fall en soldiers. i want to show you how it looks. begins at the boardwalk parking lot on third and beach streets in santa cruz. it will had head up third along the river to san lorenzo boulevard to highway 17. from there highway 85 to highway 87 exiting on julian and arriving at hp pavilion. now there will be rolling road closures along the route. the service begins at noon and you can also watch it in its entirety live here on nbc bay area. >>> the san jose city council is looking for ways to pay for road repairs and maintenance. the answer might be new taxes. nearly a quarter of san jose's streets are in poor condition. budget shortfalls cause roads to be less of a priority and the problem is only getting worse. the city's transportation director says roads across the entire city will only get worse if something isn't done. the seas is considering a few options including taxes and even a street repair bond measure. >> they made it to the 50 yard line with bay area power broke
starts january. but there are look-back procedures in the law that are affecting the way the employers hire their staff today. there are a lot of effects of obamacare that we are starting to see and the house, i expect, will have extensive oversight hearings on the devastating impact of this law and the american people. >> [inaudible] >> we'll look at them when we get there. >> will that go into the budget? >> i don't know that. last one. >> have you worked out a schedule when it comes to conference? >> i'm not -- the president talked about coming up and having a conversation with our members. i'm not sure when that conversation will be. as you know, he is getting ready to empark on a trip to the middle east and that's one of the issues he'll want to cover. but i'm sure the issue of sequestration will come up as well. we are going to welcome the president to come up and talk to our members and i'm looking forward to it. >> wednesday morning? >> when we are ready to announce it, you'll know. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national capti
even through traina, -- katrina. there is a book about the oranges of -- origins of dhs. it is for law students. after katrina they say that you did your own internal review of possible organizational structure. you did not call for basic change, but for the integration of a unified command. was there a possibility that fema would have been changed, gotten rid of? >> there was a. of time early in the department where there was a lot of resistance on fema becoming part of the department. i believed it more after katrina them before that the answer was closer integration rather than separation. if you think about the capabilities you want in an emergency, fema does not have a lot of operational personnel. you want to integrate and deploy your customers, your tso, or other agents. some of the airframes and other equipment and bring that to support what is going on. the key here is planning. i used to get asked over and over, who is in charge ? the secretary of dhs would order all the elements of government to move around. that is not civilian eminence. in the united -- governance. unity o
do under the laws of war is target an enemy combatant at anytime anywhere. the president can designate such a combatant if he belongs to an enemy that has taken up arms against the u.s. this does not include hanoid jane. arguing we need more than political stunts that fire up kids in their college dorms. [ applause ] >> stephanie: fight! fight! fight! this just in by the way -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: this actually puts the republicans once again on the side of -- >> right. >> stephanie: regardless of what our concerns are, despite controversy, a new poll shows majority of americans on both sides of the aisle support the program. last year 55% of americans approved. 56% now approve, just 26% disapprove. >> i approve of foreign program but not a domestic program. >> stephanie: this is what the attorney general just explained. what if it is an emmy combatant. he -- this is -- eric holder letter. >> quote, does the president have the authority to use a whe onized drone to kill an american not engaged in combat on american soil? the
their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. the only thing republicans want more than getting out social security and entitlements is not compromising with the president. that seems to be the case to me. they are being handed this. the president said we will go with you and make the cuts and they said no, we don't want them. >> to understand the republican position you have to understand that their major objective goals one, two, and three is shielding high income people from any tax increase. that's where it hits. they also say they are for smaller government, but since they as you suggest and you do as well, don't want to touch the entitlements for ten years and then after that probably another ten years. that doesn't leave a lot, but they are wacking away with the budget and tends to fall on low income people. >> i disagree entirely. republicans don't want to cut entitlements and i would argue they want to save entitlements. that's what you see in house republican budgets that have passed the house. >> by makin
american and. i voted against the budget control act because i oppose passing bad law in the foolish hope that they never take effect. when i came to congress in 2001, the budget was $310 billion and the federal government was predicted have a 10-year budget surplus. since then become the pentagon budget has doubled on programs that have all been put on a credit card. for much of the past decade, the brave men in uniform have been fighting in afghanistan and iraq. not one penny of additional revenue was raised by congress to pay for those wars. to fight the is, absolute and total sacrifice was demanded an given for military leaders here today, men and women in your command, all of the families. they have served with honor. the rest of the american people have been asked to sacrifice nothing. they have not contributed anything extra. this congress right now is doing nothing but watching while education, public health, infrastructure, and military readiness are gutted. again, revenue was off the table. even if their results in our nation being less secure. we have an obligation as the congr
which the president signed into law two years ago this month have already extended the life of the medicare trust fund to at least 2024. going forward the budgettary challenges posed by the medicare program will be largely contingent on the pace of health care costs. now, a balanced approach to addressing our fiscal challenges must also recognize the importance of timing. the recovery is still fragile. weak growth in europe and asia are eliminating our exports. consumption remains constrained as households are still recovering from the loss of $16 trillion of wealth from the financial crieses. -- crisis. we haven't regained all of the $16 trillion that was lost although we've made substantial progress. fiscal policy should remain the focus in supporting the ongoing recovery. at the same time, we should stake steps to address the deficit in a balanced way in the intermediate and long-term. the sequester is poorly timed and badly targeted. before the sequester, i used to say that we faced two risks when it comes to the government budget. on the one hand, we can lower the defic
cyber crime laws. their efforts to boost security inside the government. dagen: putting a wet blanket over our nation's capital. connell: time for stocks now. good morning, nicole. nicole: good morning. what a day on wall street. obviously, another exciting day for the bulls out there. you are seeing so many stocks in the green. the bank stocks doing very well. the tech heavy nasdaq is pulling back as well. the nasdaq had been down for four days. when i think of hess, i think of names like google. obviously, not a bad day for the bulls. packing onto yesterdays gains. dagen: thank you. connell: the question after the record close for the dow is how long will this rally last. dagen: we are joined by charles payne and elizabeth macdonald. charles is on every day, you, elizabeth, are not. elizabeth, what do you say? liz: this market is retracing the exact same pattern it did in 2011, 2012. he is saying, you know, watch the members of the dow. the fact that aig, citigroup, gm are no longer in the dow really matter to him. private margins will not hit the peak levels they sell in 2011 and 2
authorization bill that gave them the opportunity to start more important programs. that was signed into law last december. unless you fund it, they are still hamstrung. if we do a cr for the rest of the year or an omnibus or some kind of funding mechanism that does not give them the appropriations and the authority to move funds from one area to another, it severely impacts them. one of the greatest concerns we have is readiness. i know that we have troops that are being trained to go to the war theater and they are not receiving the same training they did just a year ago because those funds had been cut. if we do not pass that appropriations bill they will be cut further. i was told by the secretary of the army that he is going to have to cut 40% out of his operating maintenance account. this cannot be allowed to happen. >> is it a problem for your efforts that there seems to be a mixed message within your own party, that many people are saying let the cuts go ahead. many of them are saying defense cuts -- we need them. i heard a lot of people saying things that are not in line with what
supposed to happen are now the law. so what comes next? ali velshi is live from washington for a special live e e edition of "your money." e edition of "your money." i'm fredricka whitfield. -- captions by vitac -- >>> washington's forced spending cuts now have the force of law behind them. i'm ali velshi. there's broad consensus over the long term the government needs a plan to reduce its debt. is this the way to do it? another deadline, another failure in washington by your elected officials. failure to put your prosperity above their ideology and partisan political interests. someone even said the word [ bleep ]. >> we should not have to move a third wheel before the senate gets off their [ bleep ] and begins to do something. >> and by senate, he meant democrats. but boss reid tossed the lame hot potato right back. >> he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing our best to pass something. >> all this while your financial future hangs in the balance. the forced cuts could cost $750,000. in a weak economy that's barely growing, a lot of smart people
. they find it advantageous to process and grow food or it's cheaper in countries where the environmental laws are weaker than they could have an easier time dictating policies. increasingly our foods are being produced in these countries. if you're talking about organics, it is difficult to verify that in the united states that the product is meeting the standard. we can imagine how this is happening in places like china. >> in much of this and other programs online that >> we have allowed a human rights nightmare took her on our watch. in the years since doctor king's death, a system of racial and social control has emerged from the ashes of slavery and jim crow law. a system of mass incarceration that has doctor king turning in his grave. the mass incarceration of poor people of color in the united states is paramount to a new caste system, one that schulz young people to decrepit schools and brand-new high-tech prisons. it is a system that locks people into a permanent status, it is, in my view, the moral equivalent of jim crow. >> booktv's first online book club with michelle
to downtownthe suspect crashed, the victim was rescued and unharmed. law enforcement shot and killed the suspect while trying to arrest him. but >> pam: power knocked out to thousands this morning. into a crash in lafayette kron4's will tran has the latest. >> this 38 year-old man out of san francisco run 2:45 they've spotted the stolen pickup truck at his east belt, highway 24 entered the lafayette street exit. the police officer noticed that he was taking the corner too quickly. after a pursuit, the driver could not make that curve and the slammed into a power pole. it wiped out power at 1800 people. pg&e crews have spent all day for placing this power pole. but all the power should leave restored after piccinni's spend all day and replacing pg&e spend all day restoring that power pole. all the pg&e customers should now have their power restored. >> jacqueline: we will see the increase with clouds. temperatures will be in the 60s. by noon and cooler. from the bay area, some slight chance of sprinkles. but we will not see much chance of rainfall but cooler temperatures the satellite showing hig
pretty much the budget cuts the one area not going to be cut is law maker's salary; right? >> this is interesting. they can't be cut. and you can blame that on the constitution of the united states. you can blame it on speaker john boehner. when he was a freshman and came to congress, one of the things he took up was to breath a life into an old amendment unveiled by james madison. supposed to be part of the bill of rights and you cannot change the pay until the next intervening election. that was put on in the 27th amendment recently. you cannot add or subtract from a member's salary except after the next election. these cuts should impact house members and senators. sorry, it's against the constitution. >> i know this was originally created to be really something the republicans would not want to do. and they are saying 50% of these cuts are coming from the military budget. is that ue? >> that is true, yeah. $42.5 billion from the military. $42.5 from the domestic side. in the end, there's a lot of republicans who simply want to cut the budget and they see this as their
that promote democratic principles, the rule of law and respect for human rights, it said. any fresh start won't be helped by the expulsion of two u.s. diplomats in the hours before chavez died. accused of plotting against the government a charge immediately jeekt rejected by the united states. but president obama didn't rise to that provocation. he joined other world leaders in offering his condolences and even said he would like to build a more constructive relationship with venezuela in the future. >> all right. our thanks to you. as everyone knows, chavez certainly had his critics especially in miami. an editorial reads as a national leader, he was an abject failure. many there cheered when they heard chavez had died, but some say they were cheering for venezuela's fresh start. >> it's important to say i'm not happy because chavez died. i'm happy because my country can be free. >> it represents a burden off our back really. i'm not happy he died, but i'm just happy he's out of presidency. >> chavez sought medical treatment in cuba and took on pi dell castro as his mentor. many there consid
in this evening as interim president. osama bin laden's son-in-law was bin laden's spokesperson. he was caught in jordan eight days ago. he was brought to the u.s. those are your headlines. let's get you back down to tracy and ashley. ashley: thank you so much. there is a new sheriff in town. his name is scott pruitt. oklahoma attorney general is attacking some of the biggest issues in business. one of the first to challenge president obama's affordable care act. now he is arguing the constitutionality of dodd-frank reform. he is joining us now. thank you so much for joining us. why do you say that dodd-frank is unconstitutional? >> well, actually, there are multiple parts. there is a challenge to title i, title ii and title x. the states are only focused on title ii. title ii is that liquidation authority that is granted to the secretary. if they select a surgeon institution to liquidate, there is only a 24 hours notice for a federal judge to intervene and stop that. what is even more egregious is the states that have invested in some of those institutions do not ever received notice. it is a
't kill americans in cafes. >> calm down, senator. mr. holder is right. even if he doesn't explain the law very well. >> the young guns versus the old guard in the u.s. senate. is this a vision of what's to come in 2014. and later -- >> very sad for the people that will not be able to see the inside of the gorgeous white house. >> a lot of people, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go in the white house. >> today's the first day that they can't go to the white house. they say tours are a sequester casualty. we continue to watch developing news from south africa. that's where nelson mandela was admitted to a hospital in pretoria this afternoon. doctors say this is all for a scheduled medical check-up to manage some pre-existing conditions. they add at this point there's no reason for alarm. you'll remember the 94-year-old former south african president spent 18 days in the hospital back in december, but again, we are monitoring nelson mandela's hospital visit in south africa. we'll continue to keep you up-to-date on that. first, though, secretary of defense chuck hagel is in afghanist
's insanity defense laws before their clients enters a plea. colorado law says the defendant who pleads not guilty by reason of insanity must cooperate with court appointed psychiatrists which james holmes' attorneys say could violate his rights not to incriminate himself. holmes is charged with multiple counts of first degree murder and attempted murder in the july shooting rampage. two women in poland being hailed as heros after driver fainted and dramatic rescue was all caught on camera. [screams] >> that is scary. 20 passengers on board screamed in panic as they watched the driver fall out of his seat. two women sprung into action and took control of the wheel. the bus swerved all over the wheel narrowly missing oncoming traffic. the women eventually regained control and stopped the bus. amazingly no one was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital for tests. florida firefighters come to the rescue of a baby raccoon who got a can stuck on his head. the animal was dropped off outside the coral spring fire station with a note saying the racoon was in a dumpster got stuck in a can an
is attacking the state's insanity defense laws. lawyers for james holmes says forcing him to cooperate with psychiatrists is a right of his. he's charged with 126 counts including murder. 12 people died and many others were injured. >>> drama, tension, and tears in the jodie arias murder trial this week. she faced some pretty tough questions about death and a coverup. we'll take you inside the courtroom for her dramatic testimony next. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gp
and nurses on staff. that is the difference. police say they haven't found any laws broken just yet. >> at this point to date we have found no culpability. that is going to take time to sort out the details. there are facts we need to look through. >> authorities say they are reviewing their c.p.r. policy. the victim's daughter who is also a nurse, by the way, says she is satisfied with how that nurse acted. the 911 dispatcher on that call, the woman who tried so heroically to get that nurse to do something, she is not being investigated. >>brian: what is the rule? if it says do not resuscitate, does that include c.p.r.? >> do not resuscitate is one thing. if someone is in a coma and there is a d.n.r. on them, that is different than someone collapsing in a nursing facility. >>gretchen: is this what we've come to where people cannot be good samaritans anymore for fear they might be sued if the end of the outcome is not positive? what got me is that 911 dispatcher saying are you human? do you have a human feeling there? and isn't there someone there, a grounds person, someone you can
cuts now have the force of law. the u.s. government needs a plan to roo deuce its debt. but is this the way to do it? another deadline, another failure in washington by your elected officials. fay yur to put your prosperity above their ideology and partisan political interests, someone even said the word [ bleep ]. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their [ bleep ] and begins to do something. >> and by senate, he means democrats. but boss reid tossed the hot potato right back at boehner. >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing our best to pass something. >> all of this while your financial future hangs in the balance. the forced cuts could cost $750,000 jobs. in a weak economy that's barely growing, a lot of smart people say this so-called sequester is stupid. >> besides having adverse effects on jobs and incomes, a slower recovery would lead to less economic recovery. >> republicans say democrats are fear-amongering. without reforming costly and growing entitlements like social security, medicare
in affidavit submitted in the court of law. now, could this be inaccurate information about what they served in their affidavit? yes. we quote fbi affidavits in which they give the reasons why they're -- the daily caller, if i understand what they're reporting this morning, says that they don't believe this is a woman because it's not the same name as the woman that was the name that was given to them and that the age is different, that the woman that they talked to said she was 24, not 23. >> the fbi says it found no evidence to back up the allegations against the senator. thanks for your reporting and thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> absolutely. coming next, the living role of gun violence, why nonfatal shootings often leave the most lingering imprints. plus, not one but possibly two more sinkholes pop up in florida. details ahead in the news now. first, we'll bring you today's producer pacific, braus to us by seven burn. this isn't your typical interview. meal la kumis find the link on any pain page. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i l
ammunition designated only for law enforcement or military agencies. oakland city council members will discuss banning investing in gun or ammunition manufactureers. the city does not currently have any gun investments but the measure urges the oakland police and fire retirement fund to sell any gun investments they might have. the ban was already approved unanimously by a council committee. now it needs a vote of the full council to pass. >> santa clara board will meet to replace a former member who resigned and now faces up to a year in jail. he has agreed to plead guilty to felony charges later this month. he spent taxpayer and campaign donation money as his own. he admitted he suffers from a game peopling addiction and depression. supervisors will vote on two options, to appoint someone to the vacant seat or schedule an election between now and june 25. >> the bay area has a new distinction but nothing to be proud of, the commute if we need to tell you, is bad. so bad there is a new name for it. kira klapper is live with that. >> some of us can now refer to ourselves as mega c
. but this is about the rule of law. it isn't so much about him. it isn't so much about john brennan. it's about having rules. gwen: that administration response came in a one-paragraph letter from the attorney general. dear senator paul, it has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question. does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an american not engaged in combat on american soil? the answer to that question is no. sincerely eric h. holder jr. not every republican loved his tactics. >> i don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. i don't even remember the harshest critics of president bush on the democratic side. they had a drone program back then. so what is it? all of a sudden that this drone program has gotten every republican so spun up. what are we up to here? gwen: spun up, chuck. what was rand paul up to here? >> rand paul was talking about something that hasn't gotten a tremendous am of attention and that is this policy of using drones with weapons to kill terrori
. president clinton signed even more republican spending cuts into law. the team of clinton and gingrich in the 1990s did not kick the deficit can down the road, they kicked it out of the budget. they effectively eliminated the deficit, and had us on the way to actually building a budget surplus. a surplus that was going to be necessary to help financial future government spending, including two wars that no one knew were coming. that surplus was wiped out in the stroke of a pen when president bush signed his tax cuts into law. the tax cuts that have contributed mightily to our deficit and debts. tax cuts that were, of course, voted for by john boehner. joining me now are karen finney, former dnc communications director and ezra klein columnist for the washington post. both are msnbc analysts. it eliminates history that they lived themselves that some of them deserve credit for, which was what they actually did do in fighting deficits during the 1990s, that newt gingrich and president clinton both contributed a great deal to that effort. >> right, but that's not the strategy now. the str
a severe mental illness. i was able to go to law school and establish it for myself. in terms of having other views on the panel, it could leave -- lead to an increase in stigma. my other point is that the way that we're looking at mental health services from the perspective of inpatient hospitalization, they have been looking at community-based care. host: let's let the congressman reply. guest: some people in america believe in such things as the pure services -- pierre services. they work very well with alcohol and -- peer services. they were very hat -- very well with alcohol and drug abuse. severe violence, there is high risk. the other reason that we're not having someone with severe mental illness on a panel, that is not what this panel is about. this is about telling congress people what it is like for families. that is important. i want members of congress the year from parents. since we are talking about severe mental illness that relates to violence, i will not bring someone out of prison to talk about what they kill people. we are not going to do that. that is a dangerous si
? >> yes. >> okay. let's bring in our legal guys here. avery friedman, civil rights attorney and law professor from cleveland, good to see you. >> hi, fredricka. >> and richard herman, new york criminal law defense attorney joining us from washington. always on the go, travel to so many cities. a big warning out there that we will be showing some pictures that were shown during testimony, very graphic, of the crime scene, of the death of mr. alexander. so on the stand, arias has no qualms about admitting that she did kill alexander. no one's disputing that. but she says it was self-defense, and we heard her say, just in that clip, so many times, that she doesn't remember. so, avery, is this the prosecution able to establish there was premeditation or is she protecting herself by being able to say i didn't remember, and so, you know, might her attorneys be thinking about pleading insanity somewhere down the line, or is it too late for that? >> well, i'm sure if it were available, fredricka, they would have used it already. this has been an utter disaster. if you're going to go on nati
? >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law was in there and he's underneath the house. >> okay. hold on one second. let me connect you with ems. >> okay. >> that was the 911 call made to police early friday morning. witnesses say they heard a deafening sound and then a sink hole opened up under jeff bush's bedroom. his brother tried to save him but was unsuccessful. and jeremy broke down in tears as he spoke to anderson cooper last night. >> i'm so sorry for what you're going through. and -- what happens now? i mean -- where are -- >> there's a picture of my brother right there. there's a picture of my brother right there. the man i love. the guy i always -- he's my brother, man. he was everything to me. that's him. >> officials say the sink hole is still expanding and could eventually take the whole house with it. >>> overseas now, hugo chavez is fighting for his life according to his vice president who says chavez is being treated at a military hospital in caracas. chavez recently returned to venezuela after undergoing cancer treatment in cuba. his health kept him from attend
of them, and more importantly, though, is the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws, normal failed miserably to legalize recreational marijuana, but seized on medical marijuana with enormous success with that, thinking that is the -- just like they say, the -- you smoke a little marijuana, and next you're on to heroin. in this case, you smoke a little marijuana that's legal medical marijuana, and you're on to full legalization. sort of a steppingstone, and the ones that have legalized it, already had legal medical marijuana, so, you know, it's a development thing as people get more accustoms, not so shocking and all of that. the next state to legalize marijuana could possibly be new york. that is my opinion. the northern more liberal instigates and western states in particular are going to be the states most likely to legalize marijuana at this point in time. i'm not sure any states will legalize marijuana if it was south of the mason dixon line. those are basically republican dominated conservative states, and i think it's unlikely for them to legalize it any time i
treated john he had been locked up for seven years. now i speak as an amateur here about tax law, but my understanding of a 501c3 is that at least one that the church was given there are lairs of accountability. there has to be responsibility along the line. one entity is accountable to the next. when you have one individual who can put all of the other individuals in to a double wide trailer for years on end, i don't know that you can say there's any other individual than david who has any power inside the church of scientology. i think the church is at the crisis point in the future. it's headed for a reckoning. if david is not willing to come forward and confront accusers, people in the church have a responsibility, i think, a moral responsibility to address those abuses. and i particularly charge the celebrities who have been used to promote scientology with that duty because nobody else has done more to bring people to scientology. they have a definite responsibility understanding what is going on there. thank you. >> thank you. >> in the 1989, the u.s. supreme court hernandez v. th
up at me and he said, it's awful.hoolt that was our entire conversation. i applied to law school that e ternoon. pe [laughter] this was before parents believed in self-esteem and all that.ill. it was awful. it was a mercy killing. it wa [laughter] i went to law school, which was good most of becauser i marriedo my better, to spot the issue, helped my writing. i knew that i didn't want to be a lawyer. i wrote as freelance writing, my mother called it up employment. i had an article rejected, and my wife saw me cry, but i was hired by time in 197 # 7. i spent 33 years at time and news week, and that's where i really learnedded how to write. to keep it simple, try to be clear, try to draw the reader into the story, above all, to tell the story. washington bureau chief for ten years in the late 80s and 90s. wrote a lot of cover stories, had fun, but news magazine journalism is group, and i started writing books, and in the 1980s, my friend and colleague, who was here last year, asked me to write a book about the old foreign policy establishment, and we wrote "the wisemen: six friends
with each other, five sons, five daughters in law and 20 grandchildren -- >> isn't it tough when suddenly the secret service -- >> it is different, but riding on a rollercoaster. we were on a rollercoaster, exciting and thrilling, ups and downs but the ride ends and you get off and it is not like, can't we be on a rollercoaster the rest of our lives? no, the ride is over. >> chris: let me ask you about the months from november until now. were there tears? >> for me, yeah. i cried. when you pour that much of your life and energy and passion into something, and you are disappointed by the outcome it is bad. it is very hard. >> chris: governor, second-guessing? anger? depression? >> no. you look back at the campaign and say, okay. what did the president do well and you acknowledge his campaign did a number of things, very effectively and of course you rehearse all the mistakes you made and i went through a number of my mistakes and you think of the things out of our control but you move on. i mean, i don't spend my life looking back, it is like, okay, what will we do next. >> chris: we began
in law and 20 grand children. that is our life. that is who we are. >> chris: but is it tough when suddenly the secret service? >> it is different but it is like riding on a rollercoaster. exciting and thrilling ups and downs but then the ride ends and we get off. can't we be on a rollercoaster the rest of our lives? it is like no, the ride is over. >> chris: let me ask you about the months from november until now. were there tears? >> oh, for me, yeah. i cried. when you pour that much of your life and energy and passion into something and you are disappointed by the outcome it is very -- it is sad. it is very hard. >> chris: governor, second is greg? anger? depression? >> no, you look back at campaign and say what did the president do well and you acknowledge that h his campaign did a number of things very effectively. of course, you rehearse all of the mistakes that you you made. and i went through a number of my mistakes i'm sure and then you think about the things that were out of our control. but you move on. i mean i don't spend my life looking back. it is like okay, what are
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